Cari and the Black Rose Band

Cari Caruso and Jimmy Eaton 

Carilumusic Presents:

Music has always been a part of my life. My Southern grandmother was a musician. My parents were musicians and actors, on Broadway, so I was raised in an environment where music was ever present; a natural part of living. Singing, performing, and songwriting came early for me and putting on harmony was as normal as speaking.

Throughout the years, I have been a part of many kinds of performing venues and bands.
Jimmy Eaton is a Pedal Steel Guitarist. We met in 1976, at the World Famous Palomino Club, in North Hollywood. We have been in bands together and apart and really started having fun in Becky Bishop's band, Cowboy Fever. From there, we formed a band called Savannah and played all around until about 1986. My life as a Forensic Nurse Examiner took over, as the priority, until I realized how much I missed the music.

Making contact with old musician friends and meeting new ones, inspired the formation of Cari and the Black Rose Band. Things  changed since the 'olden days' and, depending on availability, quality musicians rotated in and out contributing their own special style and inflections to every song.
Carmine Sardo, Dave Wilson, and George Green have been settled in with Jimmy and me, for quite some time, and it works just fine!!

There are too many talented musicians and guests who have played with us, through the years, to mention here, but maybe, you'll find a photo! 

Playing music is fun and it's always more fun when y'all are there!!!